Javier Rojas is a transdisciplinary artist experimenting with new media and aural arts. His work dives into the concepts of the affective perception of spaces through sound, approaching architecture as an instrument. In his native Argentina, he received a degree in architecture, with studies in innovative design processes, and industrial and graphic design. He has a Master’s degree in Sound Art from the University of Barcelona. The range of his background and interests is vast and diverse. He worked as a technical office designer for an industrial metal workshop where he mastered the knowledge of metal structures. He works as an architect and 3D artist and teaches 2D/3D computational design for visualization and construction techniques. He also performs as a projectionist, technician, and advisor for artists and musicians developing software tools and creative solutions for art installations, that act as a bridge between space and sound. Currently, his production is focused on creating expanded and illusory spaces for aural arts and musical performances.

His Master’s thesis consisted of research and developing software to manipulate aural spatial attributes. This has become his main tool to develop performances and collaborations with artists who want to approach architecture with spatial audio.His collaborations have been shown in places like the Audiovisual Center of the province of Córdoba (Córdoba, AR), FAUD (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba,AR), Museo MAR (Mar del Plata, AR), YA A'AXNIK (Macario Gomez,MX) Callie's Berlin (Berlin, DE), Silent Green Kulturquartier (Berlin, DE), Dock11 (Berlin, DE) Phonos (Barcelona, ES), Fundació Antoni Tapies (Barcelona, ES) and Fundació Joan Brossa (Barcelona, ES). In 2019, Rojas co-founded Simulacro.xyz, a transdisciplinary platform with a background in design, engineering, software development, and art that provides technical and artistic support for artists and companies. Currently, he lives and works in Berlin.